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Cedar Waxwing


Click on the picture for a larger version.

Cedar Waxwing



Nice picture of the little berry bandit! I'm guessing he had a whole gang of croneys nearby.

Amazingly, not a single one. There were a couple of American Robins in the tree with him however.

Now that's a bird image ;) The specularity of that berry makes the whole image look like a 3D render.


Thank you very much.

My favorite backyard bird . . . . they come in droves here in Washington . . . so beautiful to see!

Nice shot. Keep them coming. I saw my first waxwing while living in Portland. I thought it was an escapee as I didn't expect such a colorful bird living in Pacific Northwest Wilds. He and his friends along with some jays were eating the berries near the house. These berries were aged just right that, according to other birders, the birds get slightly drunk on sugar, etc. I don't know if true or not. Just a cool bird. Thanks for the photo.


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