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A New Backyard Bird


Lazuli Bunting



Wow.. he has really lovely head plumage (is that how you say it?)

Sure that works.

I've seen several Indigos and Painted Buntings, but never a Lazuli. The blues are almost iridescent, very luminous. The grosbeaks seem to have the corner on color. Nice addition to your list.

It's funny, a couple of months ago someone on a local birding list said they'd seen a Lazuli Bunting in City Creek Canyon near downtown Salt Lake. They gave specific directions on where to find it. I tried to locate it, but never saw it. Imagine my surprise when I found one in my own backyard. I'm getting a lot of Black-headed Grosbeaks at my feeder right now, I counted six at one time yesterday. There is quite a variety in coloring with all the first year birds mixed in.


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