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You're Welcome - World Cup

John Hodgman makes a soccer rap video to appeal to the American audience and sell Ruffles. (07:26)

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You're Welcome - World Cup
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Firstly I have to come late to this as I get the "Sorry, videos are not currently available in your country" message even though UK Channel 4 TV broadcasts The Daily Show (albeit 1 day late) here. Secondly - and more importantly - again I have to bring up the '2 nations divided by a common language' point. The British equivalent of the American 'Ass' is either 'Donkey' or 'Arse'. 'Bum' is a UK variant of 'backside', 'bottom' or 'tush' - somewhat less coarse than 'arse'. I get the point that JS may be attempting comedically innappropriate comparison here, but still .....


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