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Your Daily Dose of Hypocritical Inhumanity

"Anonymous" heroes send list of 1300 alleged "Illegals" to law enforcement and media. On the plus side, with all that money saved the illegals won't steal from them, they can probably buy bigger TVs next year.

This is not just inhumane, it's just outright creepy.

The list contains birth dates, workplaces, addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers. Names of children are included. Several pregnant women have their exact due dates listed. All the names seem to be Hispanic.

I wonder what possible defense is for this? Skimming through the comments and blog entries about this, are the usual "but, but... it's a CRIME!" (it's not) and "they're stealing money from us" (they're not).

And as a commenter put it:

Don't these people have anything better to do with their time? The amount of hatred it takes to create a list like this is unbelievable. Yes, the due dates of pregnant women is a "particularly sinister touch." Inhumane, stupid, racist behavior.

Case in point:

"Our group observes these people in our neighborhoods, driving on our streets, working in our stores, attending our schools and entering our public welfare buildings," the letter reads. "We then spend the time and effort needed to gather information along with legal Mexican nationals who infiltrate their social networks and help us obtain the necessary information we need."

I see no other explanation than hatred (racist or not... probably yes) masked in the presumption of patriotism.




andyo and norm. thank you for this site and the stuff you put in it. im an argentine citizen that lived in the usa a few years and i can tell you that this "ilegal alien" is incredible unhuman. its the same in my country. as we seem to be better of than, say, bolivia, people here dont want bolivians to "steal" its jobs (they dont} or their health benefits (they dont). and even if they were i believe that living where you want its a basic human right. there cant be illegal people, only ilegal laws, if you catch the irony.

Thanks, it's great to hear from other Latinos here. I didn't know the situation was like that in Argentina. I've always had special admiration for that country and its people. I mean, this doesn't come from just anywhere.

i'll tell you where it comes from- the unholy alliance of frank zappa, return to forever, al dimeola and just about every soulless, metronomic hyperactive jazz fusion act ever with spanish words.

:)jk, andyo, had to give you a bit of a hard time there.

on a more serious note, it's very difficult not to invoke godwin's law with this "immigrant list" thing. it's really unbelievable. any theories as to why such horror should appear in utah, specifically, of all places? is it a mormon thing? i understand they have some issues with race.

I don't think it's a Utah thing, although Norm should know more about this. It just happened there. There are haters everywhere.

Re: Argentina.

On the bright side, they just legalized gay marriage.


yes!, last night the congress legalized gay marriage. im still jumping, the church was pushing so hard against it that i was sure it wouldnt be approved. i was in the rally in front of the congress until the end of the voting at 4 am. tired but happy. and andyo, im amazed that you know that band. i love it, i also would recommend you seru giran, another band on charly garcia.

You kidding me, of course I do. And "Pequeñas anécdotas sobre las instituciones" has to be one of Charly's finest albums, along with the two of La Máquina.

Congrats to all Argentinians! Though I haven't followed Latin American politics for a long time, seems like you have a fine president too.

This whole thing reminds me of stories of ethnic cleansing. Where after being neighbors for years people would rape and murder the muslems or whatever living next door.

It really is a tribute to how far our country has come that we research our neighbors due dates rather than hit them in the head with a machette.

None the less, this is evil shit. These people should be assamed of themselves.

How can people be so blind to the reality that if employers were paying a decent wage they woudl hight fluent english speakers with stable home lives and the whole "stealing Jobs" issue would be non existant. "Illegal immigration" is spured by illegal employer abuses the hurt immigrants and native boorn citizens alike.

And Mexicans have all of our old manufacturing jobs in their country already, yet the seem to find our slaugheterhouses and orchards to be better places to work than a GM factory.

If only working people could work together a little bit better we might actually get things done on this continent


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