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Why would reading the Bible make you an atheist?



That was a really great piece. It's definitely a much gentler and more thoughtful side of Penn than I've seen.


I agree SG.. I normally find Penn to be a caustic ass (and I have several friends that have worked with Penn who agree).

But... I really like Penn's argument here.

I often want to write a sheet of questions that show different 'ideas in the bible' and ask church goers if they agree or disagree with the ideas. Like slavery (and provide bible quotes next to the question), like stoning your son to death if he misbehaves. Nice stuff like that.

And I suppose challenge them... Either live by the ENTIRE TEACHING OF THE BIBLE.. NOW... or announce that it is a confused mess you only partially agree with, and that you only partially worship God.

Iran in the news is interesting, because any punishment they are doing, you can also find in the Bible. But the United States and the rest of the West is so 'civilized' because it is comprised of 1/2 atheists who only 1/2 follow the Bible. *8)

I'm not a 'pure atheist' either. I don't believe in some old dude in the sky, the bible is a flat out lie by people we'd call crazy today compiled by a pagan to control a failing Empire. But I think someday we'll find some hard science behind some very odd things that seem to repeatedly occur and yet are difficult to predictably reproduce. Yes, I said hard science. I've had too many purely impossible things happen in my life to not think its worth finding and not ridiculing. In 1000 years odds are people will look back at US and say "how the heck could they NOT have noticed that", which is what we think of people who didn't believe in germs.

here, if you want to see jilette sounding like a virtual tree hugger- i think he tears up at one point:

In my younger, more naive days I thought that just reading at all would surely make you an atheist.


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