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These Guys are Kind of Awesome

This one is awesome:

This one is also awesome:



From the 5 chord progression world: Rob Parvonian. Heck, most pop songs only have 3 chords (remember Cheech and Chong?), and there are plenty with only 2!

Thanks for the videos. I'm here sick-ish and all are gone so internet is working wonders for me today. It looks as if there are plenty more Axis of Awesome videos for watching, too.

What's damn inconceivable to me is how they found all those songs. You're the musician, I'm not familiar with many of those songs, but can you tell if if they at least transported (is that the right term?) the cord progression a few tones up or down from the originals to fit with the other songs?

Chords have a sort of mathematical function to progress. The ones used here are I IV V VI (tonic - the home key, sub-dominant [pre-dominant for current theory mavens], dominant, and sub-mediant. As long you stay with the function (not necessarily the chord on the lead sheet) you can play a tune in any key. So, they did transport the chords; the cocktail party term for musicians is "transpose."

If you can get familiar with I and V in any key, you can play a bunch of songs and fake a million more.

gypsy sister: beat me to it.


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