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Sillyness Vs. Religion

I love that religios folks think this is what a war on religion looks like. Disrespect is our most powerful weapon.



When believers blame atheism for Stalin, it makes me sad.

I love that hair dryer though.

another nice jewish boy gone bad, tsk tsk.

re: jewish guys representing "whatever it takes to make a living", and also re: the faith healing link above: i was watching late nite tv last week and came across this. sid roth, an obviously and even brazenly jewish guy is pretending to be a born again christian, in order to make a living on this christian broadcasting channel. he's interiewing this guy todd white who claims to be a faith healer. i laughed so hard and so long i said to myself "i gotta share this on 1gm". so here it is, i hope you get some chuckles out of it, i certainly did.

the actual "faith healing" stuff only starts about halfway thru.

That was painful for my feeble brain to encounter.

i like the one where he "heals" the hottie with one leg longer than the other. hooo-ah!

Damn that Atheist Hitler and his hair-drying minions.

This is what religion fears the most. I bet he has a power point as well.

actually, we don't know if this is what religion fears the most. the one new thing that "new atheism" has brought to the ancient table is mockery. as you guys love to point out, religious people have been immune to this for most of history, except for small, sharp shocks like voltaire et. al. so we'll see if it really does the trick. the way kagan is doing it it's more like vaudeville, i don't expect huge numbers of faithies will be jumping the fences because of him.

this just makes me miss hitchens more. i know he's not dead yet...

It sucks to have him silenced. Hopefully it is temporary.

as far as the mockery thing, which i think is the most valuable element of "new atheism", neither dawkins nor dennet nor (certainly) the dour sam harris can compete on this level. making fun of religion is easy, but hitchens is the best of the brood, and the others are smart enough to realize it's not really their area of expertise. dawkins, with his dry wit, has some skill, but he's just not funny in the way hitchens is. and this guy kagan is like the 3 stooges- you know, good enough if nothing else is on but doesn't hold a candle to the marx bros.

(3 stooges and the marx bros-ALL jewish. and probably got more people to question their religions than the 4 horsemen combined.)

i still like harris the best in terms of his actual arguments, tho.

oh, harris is jewish too. so is hitchens. :) god, i love this stuff. :)

Apparently, mocking religion is what jews do when they're not busy in their day jobs - ya know, as members of an evil cabal of bankers who control the world.

oh, that keeps us very busy, but entertainment is important too.


I thought Christianity WAS one of the Jew(ish) conspiracies.... ?


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