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Religion Attempts to Ruin Everything

(Via Atheist Media Blog)

Ok, so this video troubles me in a few key ways.

  1. Comic books are clearly a very secular medium. References to Gods are very rare and usually involve superman wrestling Hercules or Wonder woman calling on Athena. His attempts to make them Christian inspired are silly. The idea of super heroes is that they are truly out to save everybody, bot just one religious group.

  2. If the American Comic book heroes weren't secular, the 99 couldn't team up with the Justice League without book burnings occurring.

  3. These cartoons are likely all as lame as his clip. The most interesting enemies in comic books are always Aliens, and Sci Fi always assumes there is no God. And for good reason. Could you imagine meeting a species from across the galaxy and asking, "Did Jesus/Muhammad tell you about us, because he didn't mention you to us?". Blank stares... And if the Muslim children of the world enjoy stuff this boring we have already failed them beyond understanding.



Wow. By comparing religious stories to comic books makes religion seem even crazier than it already did. FOrtunately, most people are smart enough not to base their life around the wrings of X-Men, not the same can be said for the religious superhero/prophet stories.

great article.

glad u liked it.

I wonder if it's mere coincidence that his name is Naif?

this brief article is a bit half assed, in my opinion, for a number of reasons. but it came down to - who gives a heck? people can write whatever they want to, or read the same.

i personally find it an interesting that the comic book developer has used the 99 names (something largely rooted in Sufi mysticism as well as more general Islamic heterodoxy) to explore whatever he is exploring, given the general iconoclasm in pretty much all variations of Islam.

at the end of the day, if it troubles you, don't watch/read it... or at least come up with a better critique.

@jonathan becker - interesting reading, cheers

it does remind me for some reason of that strange ID guy from turkey.

this brief article is a bit half assed, in my opinion

Half asses? Yes Clearly

who gives a heck? people can write whatever they want to, or read the same.

Why are you reading a blog that puts a significant amount of time into the role of religion in our society?

at the end of the day, if it troubles you, don't watch/read it... or at least come up with a better critique.

Well, I was hoping a quick post and a few thoughts might inspire an interesting conversation.

I found this 'religious' comic much more interesting.

Rushkoff brings the prophetic tradition to comics with his first and widely acclaimed graphic novel series for Vertigo, retelling the Bible as a near-future global conflict over currency and reality itself. Humans and gods struggle to dominate a mythic and relevant narrative both within the panels and between them.

This 99 crap is just that. It reminds me of 'Christian Rock'... or even worse 'Christian Rap'...(check out this link for some really bad rapping made worse with Christian values.

What's so bad about the 99 crap is that he started the journey the wrong way. Instead of him having a story to tell, and then using a metaphor (what's a meta for?) that helps to tell the story in a creative way, he did the reverse. He wanted so badly to use the metaphor that he then built some clunky story to deliver it.

This 99 crap is just that. It reminds me of 'Christian Rock'...

First, thank you for serving as an excellent example for jon.

Second, this is sort of what I was thinking about when I wrote this.

The proponents were trying to argue that this was a moderator of Islam. Using the example of Christian Rock I think we see that this sort of religious inspired media facilitates segregation rather than integration and therefore doesn't push moderation, in the way that a green lantern commic.

In reality I think a very strong influencer in the reduction of racial tension and gender inequity and religious understanding is the consumption of a central secular media and mythos.

Voting on American idol for individuals of different races or Gay and lesbian individuals leads to young people not seeing the same lines between people that their elders do.

In many ways that is the goal of religion. To hold the ground as the most 'useful' metaphor for people's lives.

Each religion keys in on some core human emotions, then like John Edwards doing a cold reading, when you have that emotion the faithful pounce and say; "Here is the metaphor that gives you all the context you need to understand your life... See... you feel persecuted, Jesus felt persecuted, we know how you feel... others will tell you it's complicated, but you and I know there is a simple answer out there and this is it!"

Of course reality continues to erode that idea by adding complication to you have to tie the metaphor into, death, food, sex, science, rap, comics... spinning the references until all the paths you create lead back to the core metaphor that explains everything.

What would Jesus do?---Probably the wrong thing in a lot of cases.

hey, that's pretty insightful for a blog commenter. shouldn't you be making movies or something important? ?;

just for fun, not entirely unrelated:

lol, kinda went on my own rant there...

This guy may have his heart in the right place, but he's a failure.

Moderation will come when people can't tell what religion the story is coming from, and yet they still read it and love it. (I like your AI reference.)

And Peter Parker was bit from 'above' by a radioactive spider and that's a reverence to GOD!!?!??!??! I wanted to stab my brain.

further to: jews and superheroes: just came across this and had to share. too funny not to:

"Sci Fi always assumes there is no God."

Hardly the case. Dune immediately comes to mind; some of the works of Arthur C. Clarke; the Sparrow, by Mary Russell; the Ender series by Card; the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis...

Unless you're referring to some very specific subcategory of sci-fi without specifying such.


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