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New Backyard Visitors

I put up a couple of suet feeders in the expectation of attracting a woodpecker. For the first thirty days all it got me was more European Starlings with bad table manners. But then yesterday it all changed. I walked out into the backyard with the intention of taking some more pictures of the hummingbird, but then I happened to glance over at the suet feeder I saw this pair. (update: The female showed up today so now you have the whole family) I've been reading some stories about the bizarre behavior of birders and laughed, but then I realized my heart was racing and I was having trouble holding the camera still. I was excited, not just oh how nice, but wow nice. I'm pretty sure these are Downy, not Hairy Woodpeckers, but being new to this birding thing I'm not positive. I sent pictures to the bird guys I know, but alas they have not responded.

Click on pictures for a larger version

Downy WoodPecker




Aaaargh, Norman… Yep, the symptoms are here: you're turning into a crazy birder! (Please go on.) Great photos too, thanks.

A Downy it is. Just add yellow instead of the red and you will have the Northern Three Toed we see so commonly up here.

Or is that the hairy? I forgets. In my own garden the whopping great big Pileated jobbie is the commonest.


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