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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday

Coffee Cup

If you buy one consider using this link and supporting onegoodmove. And while I'm at thanks to those who use the Amazon link on the sidebar.

We often assume we see our physical surroundings as they actually are. But new research suggests that how we see the world depends on what we want from it.

On a separate note, I must be getting old I mentioned Bobby Fischer in conversation the other day and the person said, who's that.



"I mentioned Bobby Fischer in conversation the other day and the person said, who's that."

Context is all, Norm. If I mentioned Danny Briggs to you, would you say "Who's that?"

No, I'd say sounds like a golfer, then I'd google him to make sure.

I used to play a lot of golf, but only play occasionally now. My father-in-law played until he was ninety when he finally had to give it up. But he watches it all the time.

Oh the cricket one, not fair, we play chess in both countries but not cricket.

As I said - context (and knowledge thereof) is all!

USACA is one of those front organization trying to get the colonies back. Context is, everything. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I was out looking for new birds and stumbled upon this.

Norm, how's the Kindle doing it for you? I've been eyeing e-readers for a while, but the thing that happened with Orwell's 1984 a while ago (where Amazon deleted it from the users' Kindles) kind of put me off. Do you have any issues with it?

I have no complaints at all, but then I read mostly fiction. My son who is working on his PhD in philosophy is annoyed with his that the page numbers don't match the hard copies so that citing something becomes problematic, and then there is the no color issue so a field guide for birds is a no go. You can go the iPad route but that's a compromise I won't take because I think the e ink on the Kindle is far superior to the iPad display. It's more like a real book, reading in bright sunlight is no problem on a Kindle but it is on an iPad. I especially like that you can have 6 Kindles on an account. When you buy a book all of you can be reading it at the same time, and only pay once.

Cool, thanks Norm. I'll be thinking about it more seriously. Looks great for the price.

Sorry Norm - sidetracked somewhat. What I was trying to say (clumsily, I'll admit) in the first post was that if you mentioned Bobby Fischer to one of your chess compadres then the response to "Who's that?" would be "Crikey!" whereas if you mentioned Bobby Fischer to a Goth Teenager you engaged in conversation in the local Mall then I would say "Whaddja expect?".

Have I sent you the Emo Phillips cpmputer chess quotation? Yeah, of course I have. Even if I haven't you know it anyhow. Sorry. Get into context, Pedant.

Computer, cOmputer!

The link to the evolution of chess computers links to the story of the CM, the NECOs and the delinquent DCCO.

Unfortunately my computer is set up in some manner which did not allow me to view the video.


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