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  • The Creativity Crisis (tip to Betty Jo who writes: Sounds like George's "no child left behind" is leaving all our kids behind when creating ways to think out of the box...)

I think she's right, teaching to tests and other conservative short-cuts to an education are not getting the job done.

For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong—and how we can fix it.

In the late 1950s, three men who identified as the Son of God were forced to live together in a mental hospital. What happened?



Ze Solution!

Thanks, I was dieing to find out why we suck. and we do.

Nice to see out certainty in the wrong answer is just about the same as others certainty while being right.

re we suck.. that is depressing.. tell me it ain't so

re: the netanyahu video: the sound is unclear and the english blurbs cover much of the hebrew text- i'll try to find a hebrew only version of this and get back to you. but i can say this already: the english blurbs and text are totally fucked, and the distortions are obviously intentional and mean-spirited. 2 examples: it says that bibi is saying that the high american support for israel (at the time) is ridiculous (in other words, we're putting one over on them and they're just idiots) when in fact he says something more like "it's ridiculous that, with such high american support that we shoud have to be afraid of what they will say about our actions all the time."

and this is really sleazy: the english blurb states at the appropriate point in the video that he briefly touches the hand of the boy sitting next to him "to stop him from speaking".

you don't have to know hebrew OR english to see that the boy had finished speaking already and the touch was one of sympathy and identification. it was a private condolance visit, fergodsake! i mean, how cynical and manipulative can you be?

as to the meat of the accusation- that netanyahu bragged that he had thrown a wrench in the oslo process and manipulated the u.s.: this may be true- the bragging- and it may also be true that he actually did so. so norm, you're no babe in the woods when it comes to realpolitik, i ask you: if it's true, so what? you think bibi's relationship with obama will get even worse now? :)

I don't think it will change anything. I look forward to your translation.

sorry, i don't have the energy to do a full translation, what with all my posting on the forum lately :) but i'll stand by what i said above. and i think netanyahu probably did say those things about oslo. taking the context (condolance visit to settler family of victim of terror attack during what's known to us settlers as the "oslo war" 2000-2005 aprox.) into account, it's still quite possible that he really meant what he said. it's hard to tell with him, he's not exactly known for being a straight shooter, if you know what i mean. even people here who support him know what a snake he is. but again: so what?

btw that meeting took place about 10 min. down the road from where i live in a town where i worked for almost a year. i know the victim's uncle. i know everyone, dontcha know. :)

I can't seem to get the Jesus jesus jesus story to open for more than a second.

Sounds interesting from both a religious and psychological perspective.

Will the three Jesi somehow convince each other that they can't all be jesus? Will they decide that one really is Jesus and the other two are some other imaginary character?

I guess if it worked we couls all visit the batman ward of our local asylum and small Islands wouldn't be able to support multiple religion.

I can't seem to get the Jesus jesus jesus story to open for more than a second.

Sorry about that. I noticed that I have to hit the back button to see it myself.

I found the link to the non-printing version, which doesn't do anything weird:

Maybe its the fact that I never got that masters in psychology, but I think they are a little harsh on the Dr. Certainly his methods were lacking and manipulative, but the experiment to see if the subjects could reflect on their condition when confronted with someone with whom they share an almost identicle condition still seems like a fascination.

I find psychosis a pretty interesting ailment to ponder. Some seem to be able to over come it and clearly most anyone that can believe to be Jesus Christ has the mental capacity to understand a variaety of very complicated ideas and systems.

How uch of their disconnect from reality is chemical imbalance, from their own desires, or from so many other potential contributing factors.

It is indeed a fascinating topic.

I think a lot of people underestimate the difficulty of coming to terms with reality. The strategies for dealing with life that most people have learned were learned at a young age and are largely subconscious. But not everyone has had such things come to them so easily. And sometimes life can be very unpleasant and terrifying; something most privileged people can't truly understand. Also, human society is complex and not everyone is well equipped for comprehending and navigating it.

Like many of the mental barriers that people erect, psychoses such as believing you are the messiah strike me as the mind's misguided attempts to protect itself from things that it can't assimilate. The mammal brain doesn't like being confused and will go to convoluted lengths to relieve the sensation.

And it goes without saying that it doesn't help that a majority of the members of most societies fill the gaps in their understanding of reality with religious belief and superstitions, so when people have bigger "gaps" to fill... Well, they believe they are Jesus. Or that space aliens are controlling their brain. Or that the government is poisoning their precious bodily fluids.

Or that the government is poisoning their precious bodily fluids.

I can think of a more recent example...


The 3 Jesus story brought back an old joke i was told a long long time ago: A new patient arrives one day at a mental hospital. He's under the delusion that he is Napoléon. This gets the doctors very interested since another patient already on site claims he is Napoléon. The doctors (after having read onegoodmove i suppose) decide to put them together and see what will happen. The next day, they call for the first Napoléon and ask him who he is. The man replies that, "Well, naturellement, je suis Napoléon!". So they call the second patient, and asks him if he is Napoléon too. "Of course, I am not Napoléon." the man replies. Startled, the doctors ask him who he is then. The man answers: "I'm Joséphine!".

Re: Creativity & we suck

It is pretty clear that if the right wing wants to extend its populist influence via the crude propaganda vehicles it currently uses (e.g., FOX news, World Net Weekly, etc.), things are going according to plan. Why would we want to change course now?


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