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Maybe it was at a party, a family event, or even at work, but you have probably encountered before a person whom we would call a conspiracy theorist. Were you cornered as they became more and more animated, discussing how the shadow world government is slowly preparing for world domination using chemtrails and vaccines? Perhaps you became progressively sheepish as every logical question was met with an even more absurd bit of circular reasoning, accompanied by accusations of being naive, until physical escape was your only option.

Plants are able to "remember" and "react" to information contained in light, according to researchers.

Plants, scientists say, transmit information about light intensity and quality from leaf to leaf in a very similar way to our own nervous systems.

These "electro-chemical signals" are carried by cells that act as "nerves" of the plants.

The researchers used fluorescence imaging to watch the plants respond In their experiment, the scientists showed that light shone on to one leaf caused the whole plant to respond.



It's amazing really. I never thought I would hear a Latin American politician, let alone a president, speak like that. Especially pointing out how ridiculous and hateful those religious assholes are. Excellent.

discussing how the shadow world government is slowly preparing for world domination using chemtrails and vaccines?

It is a conspiracy, its just not secret, or complicated.

re: "plants can think and remember"

Thanks for the post. Plants are really quite amazing. Acacia trees react to giraffes munching them by raising the tannin in their leaves to untasty levels within an hour. What's more, the neighboring (un-munched) trees do the same. Makes you wonder what they think of us. Do you spoze they silently scream when we pick their fruit, or say "Ah yes" when thirsty roots taste the first slurp of water?

What is amazing to me is that humans are, maybe, finally starting to think outside the box. Just because we (humankind) can feel and think why should we be amazed at the fact that lower order life forms have similar behaviours? It reminds me of the astonishment expressed by aristocrats when being told that the peasants actually loved their children. Or the "Save the Earth" twits who don't seem to realise that the Earth will be here long after we humans have made the Earth uninhabitable for ourselves. We are so self-centred it's about time!

I doubt that they are pained by the loss of fruit, seeing as fruit is their reproductive strategy. It's literally there to be picked so the seeds within can be disseminated. But who knows? Reproduction isn't always pleasant.

I also don't think we should be assigning emotions to plants just because they have biochemical response systems. It makes sense that a lifeform would have responses to stress and other environmental conditions, but a plant simply does not have the capability to feel emotions in the way an animal does.

They are living, evolving, and complex. Despite lacking a central nervous system, they have means of reacting to the world around them. Which is pretty crazy from a human perspective, but that doesn't mean we should go anthropomorphizing them. Nevertheless, it's still pretty cool to see analogues to animal behavior replicated in non-animal species.

While conspiracy theorizing might indeed by a psychological disorder, it is one that is sometimes reinforced by actual events. For example, if each of the five major networks spend five or ten minutes of their newscast covering the 300 or so Tea Party protesters who gathered at the Washington Monument, but completely fail to cover the 200,000 or so immigration reform protesters who gathered the same day at the Lincoln Memorial, one can reasonable assume there was some, for lack of a better word, conspiracy among the networks to skew their reporting.

Maybe we need a new term for "conspiracy theorist," since that term tends to conjure up alien autopsy videos and talk of the Illuminati. To tar all conspiracy theorists with that brush is to do a disservice to clear and honest thinking. I mean, was Watergate not a conspiracy? Or Operation Ajax? Or Operation Northwoods? Or Operation Mongoose? What about the way Freedomworks organized gangs of rubes to protest health care reform? There are many examples of unelected powers manipulating people to act against their own best interests.

Nathalie Angier wrote an article for the the NY Times about plants. Apparently it is not now available.

But there is this video of an interview with her on youtube.

re: "but that doesn't mean we should go anthropomorphizing them."

of course you are right. I'm often accused of anthropomorphizing about my cows. When I first started raising them, I read a great book "Moving Them", about low stress cattle handling. I spent a good deal of time trying to understand their non-verbal communication and react appropriately to it. I like to think that we (the brood cows and I) have a pretty good understanding of each other now, and I'm pretty sure they trust me quite a lot. Still, I wonder how they perceive this relationship. Clearly Peaches (the lead cow) considers herself (not me) to be the grown up in charge. Sometimes I wonder if they consider me to be a rather odd shaped and slow witted bovine, and laugh behind my back at my antics. Is there a word for that? Bovinepomorphizing?


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