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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

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One of Saddam Hussein's greatest acts of ecological destruction – the draining of the Mesopotamian marshes – has been reversed as birds and rivers return to the region

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce does the dirty work for corporate America, and it's been my experience that local Chambers' of Commerce are not much different.

In a fascinating example of vocal mimicry, researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and UFAM (Federal University of Amazonas) have documented a wild cat species imitating the call of its intended victim: a small, squirrel-sized monkey known as a pied tamarin. This is the first recorded instance of a wild cat species in the Americas mimicking the calls of its prey.



Re: Sharp-Eyed Robins

The mechanism by which the birds "see" magnetic fields suggested in article you linked sounds like CIDNP - which, in the extremely weak earth's magnetic field, would be amazing - if it is correct. This is something I'll definitely have to look further into - it smells wrong and if it is right, it's very cool - thanks for the link!

When PZ pounded a nail through a communion wafer, I thought it was pretty sophomoric, though I couldn't have cared less about offending christians. I just thought is wasn't nearly as clever as he thought it was. So now some some moron defaced an atheist billboard - I'd say that is equally sophomoric. Yeah, I know - there's an additional private property issue involved - but this obviously isn't about graffitti, because if it really had anything do to with vandalism, PZ would have to show me an instance where he has ever seen fit to use his blog to complain about vandalism in the past.

PZ - if you're going to be outrageous in exposing the nuttiness of religious symbolism and beliefs, and I'm all for it, remember - be clever about it, and don't whine when someone defaces atheist billboards - it's petty.

He's right about this, though: if it had been a Christian billboard (and there are many of those, I can tell you) that had been defaced (which I have never seen happen), I'd be deploring the action myself.

I have seen many christian billboards, some of which are begging for alteration, but so far, I have yet to see one that has been altered. But unlike PZ, I wouldn't necessarily consider it "deplorable," provided the alteration was clever and not just insulting. And I suspect that though PZ's public stance would be to condemn the graffitum, inside, he'd be chuckling -- again, provided it was clever an not just insulting.


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