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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

Coffee Cup

An explosion of smart-phone software has placed an arsenal of trivia at the fingertips of every corner-bar debater, with talking points on sports, politics and how to kill a zombie. Now it is taking on the least trivial topic of all: God.

Donn Barclay e-mails: "I have been hearing and reading the phrase 'one-off' more and more lately. It seems to me that it is a serious bastardization of 'one-of,' as in short for 'one of a kind.' Frankly, it makes absolutely no sense at all."

As William Safire observed in a 2007 On Language column, one-off meaning "something unique" is a British expression that has been creeping into American speech and writing in recent years. And as with other Briticisms that impinge on these shores (gone missing comes to mind), the idiomatic origins of one-off are mostly lost on American ears.

Mathematics offers innovative weapons for fighting terrorism

Which political party’s members are most likely to believe that Jesus will definitely return to earth before midcentury? The Republicans, right? Wrong. The Democrats.



The Origins of ‘One-Off’ is reasonably explained in the article, but I find it difficult to understand the initial lack of understanding. If one makes, for example, a linocut and 'pulls one print off' this exemplifies the situation exactly. The common suggestion that it refers to molds in foundry work seems less reasonable than in printing.

Apologies - I should have used the approved OED spelling of 'moulds'.

I don't understand why it's confusing to anyone. I don't remember when or where I first heard it but I've always understood it to mean something unique a one-of-a-kind occurrence, not likely to happen again.

Re: Religious Left

This excerpt is stunning:

For the most part, [the religious left] seems to have made its peace with the mishmash of morality under the Democratic umbrella, rallying instead around some core Democratic tenets: protection of, and equality for, the disenfranchised and providing greater opportunity and assistance for the poor.

mishmash of morality? You mean mishmash of magical incantations. The "protection of, and equality for, the disenfranchised and providing greater opportunity and assistance for the poor." - that's the morality part, you dolt.

Re: NYT article on iPhone

  1. Arguably "god" is one of the most trivial topics.

  2. Is there an app for (as in "would Apple approve it?") skeptics of the Steve Jobs cult religion?

re: rare look inside a bible belt classroom:

very interesting. it is indeed so rare that a genuine bible belt classroom washes up on our shores to be dissected by curious anthropologists. i understand they're very shy creatures, rarely seen in the light of day.

i'd like to see a comparative study done on the elusive "inner city classroom where 'evolution only' is taught between riots, strikes and locker shakedowns". :) i bet it would be MUCH harder to find teenagers who say stupid things in such a place.

i personally experienced the "delights" of both kinds of places in junior high and it wasn't pretty.

bottom line: any high school sucks for any thinking individual unless they're lucky enough to get into some kind of gifted or accelerated program. it's just wall to wall idiocy for 4 years. that video gave me the shivers.

"Science", huh. Not once did I hear anything resembling evidence in that discussion.

"Rare Look Inside a Bible Belt Classroom" is one of the scariest videos I've ever seen. Also, thanks for exposing me to the Eggcorn Database. That will be a valuable resource.

To my mind the eggcorn daydabase is simply a collection of worms or praises mis-spelt becourse they were mis-herd dew (probly) two piss-manunciation.


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