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Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's Hawk



I see the limited focal length got the better of you :)

It did indeed. I asked him to come closer, but he flew off instead. It was funny I took a couple of pictures of him and then saw another interesting bird, when I looked back he'd moved or so I thought, actually it turns out that a different hawk a Swainson's had taken his place. I sent the picture of the Cooper's along with four of the Swainson's to a couple of experts trying to confirm that they were Cooper's only to discover I was dealing with two different hawks. I never would have known had it not been for them. I would have remained convinced that all the shots were of the same hawk.

what, moving beyond your backyard birdfeeder? :) i have to say that, if you insist on making bird photography a big part of your blog, your adventurousness is a plus. in spite of your struggles with photographic technology and biological terminology, i must say: well done. the sparrows and their nests were nice, too-and good clear shots.

hawks are cool.

in spite of your struggles with photographic technology

Don't think technology was (or is) his problem, it was physics (as it is more often than not with birders). So, nothing he can do except get another lens, (oops, you're a Nikon guy, eh Norm?) or get closer. Or get an extender, but that sometimes cannot yield a much better image.

I'm not a birder, so I would prefer bigger aperture rather than longer focal length.

I want both but the lenses I want cost many times more than the camera.

Oh, I want all of them.

reminds me of guitar players. a good friend of mine is travelling to the states and asks me about guitar "stuff" she can buy for her son. i tell her "there's no limit. guitar players always want more and better "stuff", it's just the nature of the beast. but in the end guitar players, like birders, just need to get out there and do their thang, technology be damned.


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