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Destroyer of Worlds



It is not the gun that kills people, it is people that kill people.

Yes, bombs are not good. But fission and fusing atoms can be used for much better purposes, these days.

I am following a physicist that just built his own open source fusion reactor all by himself in his own lab. As we understand the technology more, the more practical and peaceful uses will crop up.

In other words, when humans first discovered how to manipulate fire, the uses probably were not all peaceful. But creating fire turned out to be a very useful technology.

I can go buy gasoline (the most common commodity EVER) and really cause a lot of death and damage. So we can built a bomb with nuclear technology, that doesn't mean we have to go kill people.

"it is people that kill people" People have always been minded to kill people, and rocks, knives, spears, arrows, guns, rockets and nuclear armaments have made it easier for that sort of person to kill many more people MUCH more efficiently. "his own open source fusion reactor all by himself" If someone HAS built a fusion reactor where the hell is it? This : was in 1989 - so where is the limitless, cheap and non-polluting energy 20 years on? Oh, of course, the plans were bought up and destroyed by the Big Oil companies to preserve their profits!

Warning : much or all of the above may contain irony.

I wasn't aware that do it yourself fusion or fission was availaible.

I don't think Oppenheimer was pinning the discovery of atom splitting but the design and use of the technology as a weapon.

A weapon that put the power of extinction in the hands of a few powerful people for the first time in human history.

You would need alot of gasoline to do that and we are all working together on that one.

Can we turn the clock back? No. Can we indefinitely prevent nations such as Iran from pursuing nuclear technology? No. Can we find a cleaner, more economical source of energy given present technology? No.

I vote for more nuclear power plants, less reliance on coal and oil, and the begrudging acceptance that 100% nuclear disarmament is a dangerous fallacy.

Why did the cold war cost less than HALF the lives of WWII (Korea and Vietnam included)? Threat of nukes. What prevented McArthur's invasion of mainland China? Threat of nukes. What kept the USSR/USA conflict isolated to a series of proxy-wars fought through traditional weaponry? Fear of nukes. What was the major impetus of getting the USA into space, and eventually the moon? Fear of nukes.

I say three cheers for nukes- which have done more for the advancement of technology AND peace than perhaps any other invention of the 20th Century.

Just as soon as humankind evolves into a non-violent state I will forge my guns into playground equipment and help you disassemble our last warhead. In the meantime- get real, and learn some history.


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