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Birds, Birds, and More Birds

I haven't had any new birds at my feeders for a while and so I ventured away from home in search of something new. Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake are home to a number of different species of birds. Here are a couple of regular summer visitors I spotted along the causeway to Antelope Island, an American Avocet, and the Black-necked Stilt



Anyone interested in birds might like to head on over to YouTube and watch this.

That is incredibly cool

This video was shown on QI by Stephen Fry - it's the moonwalk of the mannequin bird:

You lucky dog!! We in the east get a Bllack-necked Stilt or an Avocet as a vagrant every couple of years. You can get thousands. Next year look for Western Grebes courting in the spring.

Wow, that's really quite amazing.

Just as a 'by-the-way', did you know that the Avocet is the symbol of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)?

I didn't know that. It's quite perfect though, the upturned British nose and all. Hmm, I'll bet this is not the first time that comparison has been made.

Really, I'm sure I have no idea of what you are speaking. And, if I did, I couldn't possibly comment!


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