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Best of Hitchbitch

Get Well Soon.

Part 2



Great clip! Does anyone know what debate the part starting @ 1:40 is from?

Hitchens is a man who always impresses me. He is bold and he is a true patriot of his adopted homeland. I respect that he isn't afraid to call Falwell an utter fraud on international television. It doesn't hurt to pepper one's responses with four-letter words on ocassion as he demonstrates, since this conveys his disgust perfectly.

Do you think Hitchens has an idea about where he may go after dying? He seems to be of the purely scientific persuasion with respect to immortality. What do other readers think?

I've written some of my thoughts here:

I don't think we are going anywhere. Without a God, it doesn't really make sense anyhow. What we think of as "self" is an emerging property of a complex system. Eliminate the system, eliminate the "self".

Quantum theory may allow us a few multidimensional loopholes, but I am not making and post mortem vacation plans.

Nice plug for your blog, BTW.

Here's wishing Mr. Hitchens a speedy return to health. We can't afford to be without people who speak their minds, and have minds to speak of.

(That said, I can't say I'm too happy with the last clip in Part 2. Is Hitchens really trying to justify the Iraq War, in which millions of innocent people were killed or injured, with technicalities?)

I can't say I'm too happy with the last clip in Part 2. Is Hitchens really trying to justify the Iraq War, in which millions of innocent people were killed or injured, with technicalities?

I don't think he made that case. I think he thinks that Saddam Hussein was an evil genocidal dictator who we should have replaced. He's decided that the millions of innocent people who were killed or injured were worth that objective. He's also decided that to ignore the fact that the war was not primarily sold to the American people or the volunteers in the American military on the basis of the neoconservative crusade he is unabashedly promoting - he doesn't make the case that the United States was threatened in any way by Iraq (and I can't remember his ever having done so.)

So, as much as I disagree with Hitchens about Iraq, I do see his argument for the war as the only honest and defensible one.

I find myself torn by the whole arguement.

How have dictators gone away before? Is there a good peaceful option?

Because if the choices are violent intervention from outside forces or a long series of bloody revolts, the outside intervention probably causes less death and destruction. Waiting and seeing probably means more deaths over the long haul as well. In this case the Iraqi have suffered a "revolution" and a civil wars, worth of conflict and destruction.

I mean, as is I 100% oppose the USA overthrowing Govts and settign up new ones based on whatever crazy criterea.

But if there was a fair international police force, could I agree on a set of criterea that would make the overtrow of violent dictatorships legal and acceptable?

I think I might.

But if there was a fair international police force

There isn't though, and there probably won't be one anytime soon either. Your "international police force" just punctuates the fact that the issues here are all very hypothetical and academic.

There's no longer a Saddam-regime Iraq to talk about, and there hasn't been since March of 2003. And immediately before that, nobody in any position of responsibility was giving any thought to the difficult questions you guys are bringing up (or Hitchens brings up for the most part). People were either on the Bush Admin side and saying incredibly false and insane things, or they were the people responding to the falseness and insanity (WMDs? Uranium from Nigeria? Are you serious?)

The actual reasons Saddam was removed from power (by a bloody, expensive, and still ongoing war) were not sane, well-thought-out or valid ones, and the Iraq War was not sane or well-thought-out either. It was a horrific fuck-up that began with criminal lies and continued with criminal incompetence.

That is the reality.

What Hitchens was talking about in the video is irrelevant, and has been irrelevant for most of the decade.

Thanks for the videos. Everybody: don't miss Hitchens' memoir "Hitch 22"—i wonder if he was aware of his condition when writing it. It is a great read!


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