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American Goldfinch

We put a nyjer seed feeder up a while ago in hope of attracting an American Goldfinch, and it wasn't long before we saw a number of new visitors at the feeder, but alas they were not the American but Lesser Goldfinch, and they came in great numbers. I took a walk today, camera in hand, along the Jordan River Parkway, and was lucky enough to spot the elusive (at least to me) American Goldfinch.




Man, all these bird pics are bumming me out. Is this all of a sudden?

Nature is cool and all but...

(yeah, I've been drinking)

Something good I hope.

I think you will find we have plenty of non bird material for those that aren't interested by our winged friends

The bird pictures are in addition to the other content, they don't replace it. I'm sure no one finds all the content here to their liking and assume they just skip over that they don't like. I seldom see comments about other content readers don't find interesting, but the birds seem to annoy them in a special way. Maybe a bird crapped on their car or their head recently.

I have a lot of bird-crap cleaning to do on a regular basis, but I certainly don't blame your American Goldfinches! Keep it up, Norm, they are more colourful than my garden greenfinches.

Some people have weak scrolling muscles.


It's just that most links/clips are awesome. And then it's like.. oh right, another bird. And this one has yellow things instead of orange things. Sigh.

I hear, you. But then you just scroll up or down and all the sudden there is a video, or some links and bam. You win.


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