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A Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

I got closer this time. The last time I saw a Cooper's it was quite far away and the picture I posted suffered. I found this one in my own backyard. I watched him for at least a half-hour and got within ten feet of him several times. He didn't seem to mind being photographed, and so I shot pictures until my shutter shuddered. I watched him as he watched nearby birds, but he didn't go after any while I was watching. Maybe he had his eye on our Maltese who was on the deck barking at him, though I'm told the Hawk is partial to other birds and I have nothing to worry about.

click on picture for larger version

Cooper's Hawk



That is a stunning photograph - congratulations! (I'm talking about the large, online version)

Interesting how the branch that the hawk is sitting on looks like a bird. Makes for a possible concept for a painting for those who like to paint birds.

Oh I see, the beak off to the left.

Yes :) ,and the lateral-branch vector pointing downward from our right to left is the wing.

From our left to right i meant

Also nice is how the markings on the bird's breast and tail feather repeat the feeling of the dappled light.

I really like the interesting way the light plays in the trees at different times during the day. What was nice about the Hawk being in my backyard was that I could do some measurements on the tree to help me determine the size of the Hawk. He stands at 16.5 inches from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. Now when you do your painting, you can do it to scale. :)


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