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US Army on Freedom Vs. Suckas

Glen Beck's grandfather is in there.



What movie is this from?

It's produced by the Army as a sepeate piece I believe. Can be played back to back with the VD film.

Good to know, thanks!

Note the final screen, restricting access to the general public

i'm not clear-- is glen becks grandfather really in this? or were you referring to the history of his particular type of demagoguery? or his german roots?

It was just a joke about the guy claiming to be a "real" american.

Thanks! I think I've seen the very start before, but not the whole thing. The VD comparison is pretty apt! The production values are actually much higher than usual for an Army flick, and apparently it initially ran in 1943, during the war, in various theaters (it may have been slightly recut later). Apparently, that's Oscar-winner Paul Lukas as the professor. I was guessing a Hollywood studio shot it for the War Department as part of the war effort, and that appears to be the case:

Financed and produced by the United States War Department, and shot at the Warners studio, although it was distributed through all of the major studios' film exchanges and also by National Screen Services free to the theatre exhibitors: A young, healthy American Free Mason is taken in by the message of a soap-box orator who asserts that all good jobs in the United States are being taken by the so-called minorities, domestic and foreign. He falls into a conversation with a refugee professor who tells him of the pattern of events that brought Hitler to power in Germany and how Germany's anti-democratic groups split the country into helpless minorities, each hating the other. The professor concludes by pointing out that America is composed of many minorities, but all are united as Americans. (Reissued in 1946 following the end of World War II. Written by Les Adams

This would make a pretty interesting double bill with some of the Nazi propaganda films about Aryans, the weak and the strong, etc. (I did a post a couple of years back on the Nazi films that helped sell the T4 "euthanasia" program.)


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