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The Face-Off

How about that, a Juvenile European Starling stands its ground against the much larger Western Scrub-Jay, place your bets.


Click on the picture for a larger version of the photo.
Seriously, click on it.

Picture taken with my BirdCam




I think the author should create a new website for his birds or perhaps a birdcam as a plugin.

They're taking so much screen real-estate. Getting tired of scrolling. The site has turned more into a bird-craze than what the site was originally meant to be.

It's Norm's bag of marbles to shoot any way he wants. When politics get too heavy, people pine for more science and rationalist posts, or not. Is scrolling that much of a burden? If you have a Mac you can't page down, but otherwise I'm having a hard time feeling your pain. There are still plenty of philosophical posts to go around.

I have a Mac (several Macs in fact) and I can page down with the best of them, so what's that about, Gypsy?

Ah - I just did some experimenting. On a PC, you can click anywhere on the page and hit enter to page down. On a Mac, you have to be in scroll bar on the right to accomplish this. I think it has more to do with those coaching me on my mac; I've mentioned this issue before and not gotten a rebuttal. My office computer is a Mac; home is Compaq. Thanks for the push.

Wait - I sit corrected. I can click in the scroll bar to page down on a Mac, but hitting "enter" doesn't work. I like to avoid too much mouse work.

I also like the pictures, Norm.

If you have pageup and pagedown keys you can use those to avoid using the mouse to scroll. If your Mac can use an Apple Magic Mouse scrolling is easy in fact you can even go back and forth between pages with just a flick of a finger, or any mouse that supports scrolling works.

Ah so - my MacBook doesn't have page down keys, but I'm due for an upgrade. I'll have to check the specs for a MacBook Pro. at least I can get the super mouse.

What was the site originally meant to be? Since it's my site I'll tell you. It is a place where I post on topics that I'm currently interested in. Right now, in addition to the topics I regularly post on I've added birds. I'll continue to post items that I find interesting. And if the subjects that interest me don't interest you I will happily refund the price of your ticket.

Thanks for the birds, Norm.

As a long time lurker, I think that there are many different topics that Norm and others post on, and I wouldn't think birds are really any different from detective novels or religion.

I agree with pedantsareus, thanks for the birds. I like that now, most of them come with names.

My only wish is that they were higher resolution. I want more detail!

I provided the additional detail on the last picture I posted, did you click on it? Time permitting in the future I'll post the lower resolution with a link to the higher for those who are interested.

Go, lil' European starling, he's just a big bully!


I apologize.

Just count yourself lucky that he hasn't started taking an interest in knitting.


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