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The Best and the Brightest, Democracy in America

So what will happen, I think the Democrats pay him a shitload of cash to drop out so they appoint some other dumbass to run, one in a suit.

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Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
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this is just another (hilarious) example of stewarts integrity- that is, he's not some dem, leftie liberal sockpuppet. i saw the idea that green was a repub plant bandied about on some of my favorite blogs, i'm glad norm didn't fall for it. i also think his (norm's) call on what's probably going to happen is a good one. but i wouldn't count mr. " jobless andliving in dad's basement" out just yet- that's a pretty big demographic over there, i think. :)

I'm hoping that the Dems save money, let Greene run - brought to you by the letter "G" - and allow the inevitable DeMint victory. They could re-group for the next election.

Where the heck did Greene come up with 10 grand?

This is the difference between conservatives and liberals: if there is a retard among us we point it out. The conservatives follow the idiot like some sort of prophet (Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush).

Another case in point: Joe the Plumber

If Greene were a Republican then fellow Republicans would be declaring that Greene is a qualified candidate and that the liberal media is tarnishing the sacrifice of our soldiers by going after a veteran.

If Greene were a Republican, and Republicans tried to push him out like the Dems are, you'd be screaming "Racist!"


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