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Secret School For Girls



While the West is trying to help educate these young women, what is happening in the West? I just received this -

Hmmm, religious people do such a good job hating each other and fighting each other. Its a shame when atheists feel some need to get involved.

Do you mean that you are not involved with the discussion about the influence of Islam, Reed? Why this posting then? There are many and varied opinions about what is happening in the world today, and Pat Condell's postings (about religion in general, not just Islam) are one viewpoint that may inform or educate some people. This one certainly informed me, as a non-US resident, about the Cordoba House Project.

I think the fight between Christians and Muslims is mostly about whose sky god is the real sky god. I don't intend to get involved with that rhetoric and I think the attempts to curtail one religion over others is just getting sucked into that fight.

All religion is without reason. If action is taken to deny religion prefered status, it should address all of them, not one.

Best wishes for those attending these types of schools. The Qandahar location is one of many in and around places under Sharia law. I'm wondering how many men are able to receive an education that doesn't involve the Taliban.


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