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Richard Dawkins Demonstrates Laryngeal Nerve of the Giraffe

(tip to Pedantsareus)



It's nice (and a little squirmy for me) to watch the dissection. I got a copy of The Greatest Show on Earth and DAwkins discusses this in the Chapter "History Written all over Us" in the section Unintelligent Design. His discussion shows the vas deferens between intelligent design and the historical evolutionary process.

Pedant, the starling flocks near Oxford make an appearance in this book as well. I'm guessing that you probably have a copy of this book, too.

Sorry Gypsy - I don't have the book. Being a retired, failed biologist I have quite a lot of redundant information about such things in a brain that, up to now, has managed to retain it. I probably WILL retain it while, at the same time, I eventually forget my name and what I had for breakfast. I have, however, been a fan of RD since "The Selfish Gene" and I am really ashamed that he is almost exactly one year older than I am.

No need to apologize. Guesses don't always pan out, ya know? Good for you with all of the bio info. I remember it as long as possible; that's why I keep books on hand - Gray's Anatomy and such. Ask me about the breathing mechanism, though, and I can give you all of the details for both genders.

If god had screwed up the design on this any more.... Giraffe would talk out their ass.

So god designed politicians?

Yet another argument against ID!


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