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Respect My Authoritah

Barack Obama thinks he can be trusted with the power, but he's being stalked by a strange and twisted creature who wants to take the precious away. (08:32)

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Respect My Authoritah
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Spot freakin' on.

It is hard to deal with the simultaneity of laughter and depression.

Yes, throw it into the fire - even Sméagol figured it out before the end.

Jon left out wiretapping - oh, that was turned around before the election.

Dear Mr. president, Even when you do what your Republican predecessors did, they still call you a Socialist. So why not be a socialist? Or something close to it? Since you're screwing up your chances for re-election, why not just fight for what's right?


"...why not just fight for what's right?"

You make the assumption he believes in what's right.

Good to see JS cover this. Before, it seemed as though it was a fringe issue hammered by Glenn Greenwald and a few others. Hopefully those still under the impression that Obama represents any form of hope and change will now be suitably disabused of that notion.

You make the assumption he believes in what's right.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Stewart is getting funnier by the day. I may just have to sign up for cable.


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