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Michael Specter

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Michael Specter
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Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives By Michael Specter



Sometimes stephen stomps on the guest and you just want to hear the guy talk about his book. I know the schtick, but it gets old and stops being funny at times. I like John S's interviews because he can be silly or serious and usually the one he chooses is based on the topic.

It would be nice if Stephen could take off the PapaBear hat on occasion.

Anyhow.. I was amazed about the vitamin thing. Is there a companion article about which work and which do not? I know that B-Complex during high stress helps my brain function much better.. as in from can barely hold complex thoughts to being a master of the situation kinda change, not some plecebo crap.


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