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Michael Shermer: The pattern behind self-deception

(tip to Daniel)



I don't see the dolphin

I wouldn't if he hadn't pointed them out. There are 4 dolphins.

So we humans have duuuurrty minds! So do chimps, apparently.

You can comment directly to the good doctor Shermer's blog at True/Slant as well.

One of Shermer's comments on skepticblog: "Michael Moore is the Leni Riefenstahl of our time... ". So let's talk about self-deception, Herr Shermer...

This guy is a pervert. In the sense his actions are perverse. He takes the tenants of science and out-Freud's Freud by accusing anyone with a viewpoint other than his own as being crazy, or deluded. He is the Spanish Inquisition of science. Such a number of false-analogies he abuses. Often by starting with an interesting scientific factoid and then arches it over to somehow implying it proves suspicion is a mental illness. If a conspiracy is by definition a secret then how can one ever be proven? Somehow he then "logically" deduces that none exist. What an ass. What a useful idiot for the elite.


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