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McChrystal's Balls - Honorable Discharge

The story:

Short, Tense Deliberation, Then a General Is Gone

By the time he woke up Wednesday morning, President Obama had made up his mind.

Petraeus Is Now Taking Control of a ‘Tougher During the 36 frenetic hours since he had been handed an article from the coming issue of Rolling Stone ominously headlined “The Runaway General,” the president weighed the consequences of cashiering Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, whose contemptuous comments about senior officials had ignited a firestorm.

Jon's analysis:

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McChrystal's Balls - Honorable Discharge
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Another outstanding segment from TDS. First we get the montage of pseudojournalists wondering aloud about "access" while being completely clueless about what "access" is for - or even about the possibility that one might even have to build a story without "access". Then, just as our blood pressure is rising while we're cussing the miserable fools out - comic relief. Thanks, Jon - you saved me from bursting an artery just in time.

You can read Michael Hastings's article online here. McChrystal immediately comes off as old school good ol' boy military. Even if he thinks that way, as a general, he ought to have enough sense of chain of command not to say any of that shit publicly. Undoubtedly, if one of his subordinates had said similar things about his command, a reprimand (counseling statement) would have been the least of repercussions.

Norm's rockhead link in today's links offers yet another link regarding McChrystal: Pat Tillman - from yesterday's NYT.

If you don't hate Chris Matthews and Wolf Bliztzer then you haven't been paying attention these last 10-15 years. They REALLY suck.

As far as sacking the general, he needs to understand that we aren't a Banana Republic dictatorship (yet) and that the president is the commander in chief regardless of your personal politics.

Musing about "access" for which they'd have absolutely no use for - and comparing their job (playing dumb on a propaganda channel) to the President's job: Meet American journalism of today. Enormously depressing, considering that after World War II American journalism was the blue print for the media (tv news, hard reporting, news magazines) all over the world. Today it's just a joke. And the sad thing is: these overpaid anchors aren't just faking it - they actually believe to be the most important people in the world.


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