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Coffee Cup

Shortly before half-time in the World Cup elimination match between England and Germany on 27 June, the England midfielder Frank Lampard had a shot at goal that struck the crossbar and bounced down onto the ground, clearly over the goal line. The goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, grabbed the ball and put it back into play. Neither the referee nor the linesman – both of whom were still coming down the field, and poorly positioned to judge – signalled a goal, and play continued.

After the match, Neuer gave this account of his actions: "I tried not to react to the referee and just concentrate on what was happening. I realised it was over the line and I think the way I carried on so quickly fooled the referee into thinking it was not over."

To put it bluntly: Neuer cheated, and then boasted about it.



Re: Obama hits Boehner for calling economic crisis 'an ant'

Interesting commentary at the end there.

I wonder if Obama will focus more on appeasing the people that voted for him, instead of the people that didn't. That would be nice I think. And it would make sense.


you all must have read that Christopher Hitchens is undergoing chemotherapy for esophageal Cancer.

as far as cancers go, it is one of the more serious and life-shortening ones.

By any normal ethical standards, what Neuer did was wrong. But does the fact that Neuer was playing football mean that the only ethical rule is "win at all costs"?

It's a pretty big leap from "hope the ref didn't see that" to "win at all costs".

And if Mr. Singer bemoans footballers trying to deceive the ref, he should watch an NBA game sometime.

Or a catcher at a baseball game pulling his mitt back over the plate. It's hard to think of any sport where cheating of that sort isn't part of the game. I was thinking tennis, but then remembered how the platers would point to a mark on the court trying to convince the ref that a ball was in or out.

...and I'm sure that the big piles that ensue after a fumble in (American) football are models of decorum. "Oh excuse, me - I'm sorry, you do seem to have recovered the ball, fair-and-square." "Oh, no - I'm sure that it was you who had possession of the ball."

The topic "MORE EVIDENCE OF HEALTH CARE REFORM'S INCREASING SUPPORT" is hyperlinked to the same article as "Obama hits Boehner for calling economic crisis 'an ant'"

The French team, which obviously was not up to snuff, only got in because their best player, Thierry Henry, used his hand to stop the ball and then kick it to a teammate who scored, depriving Ireland from going.

Soccer is more of a casino game than a sport.

Or one might think that since the refs are not well-paid there is a possibility of corruption.

Yes, because well paid people are never corrupt ;)

I WANT to like Soccer/Football, but it just keeps not working out for me.

It just seems so badly done. For world class games, would it not make sense to have a frakking ref standing near each goal like an eagle, and another at each line for off sides and silly rules like the refs have to SAY what the offense was?

The BIG stories have been France, and bad calls. Who wants to watch a sport where bad calls seem to throw a full game? Yes, there is cheating in any sport, but with the low scoring in Soccer, bad calls have a larger impact.

Worse, people IN the sport just think of this stuff as 'part of the field'. A gut check and we all feel it is wrong and dumb and instead of dealing with the cognitive dissonance, I'm saying goodbye to the whole affair.


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