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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday

Coffee Cup

Farmer Don Cameron spent more than half a million dollars on drip irrigation to save water and grow better tomatoes. But gophers soon began chewing his drip lines, threatening to ruin his investment.

He waged a losing war using gopher traps until he had a serendipitous conversation with the Fresno Audubon Society. Cameron, a bird lover, called the society to report sightings of interesting species at his farm. His gopher problem came up, and Audubon had a solution.

In the woods the other day — redwoods and coastal oaks — I stopped to listen to a Swainson’s thrush, a bird more often heard than seen. Usually its song is tempered by distance, its maker hidden in the understory. But this thrush was standing on a fallen limb right in front of me. The physical effort of its singing seemed so slight — head tilting, beak parting — compared with the quantity of its delicate, laddering song.



Re: Tough to be a Texan

Being a Texan makes me so happy! When the Republican state party platform comes out, it is of some consequence since the number of Democrats holding statewide office is zero. From the platform:

We oppose the legalization of sodomy.
sod•om•y |ˈsädəmē|
sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation.

In 2002, the Kaiser Family Foundation surveyed 505 teens aged 15 to 17. One question asked: "Please tell me how often each of these are part of a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend … almost always, most of the time, rarely, or almost never?" Among sexually active teens, 49 percent said intercourse was part of a relationship almost always or most of the time; 43 percent said the same about oral sex...In 2005, the National Center for Health Statistics analyzed data from its 2002 survey of 12,571 Americans. Among teens aged 15 to 19, 55 percent said they'd ever had oral sex; 50 percent said they'd had vaginal sex. In every other age group, the balance was reversed: Vaginal experience was slightly more universal than oral experience.

To summarize, sexual activity among teens is tantamount to criminal activity, but older folks have slightly less pronounced felonious proclivities.

Wow - Betty Bowers is not nice! Her award to Sarah Palin for worst mother in America is, uh, nasty.


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