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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Coffee Cup

In an effort to assess ties between birds' feeding habits and the spread of nonnative invasive plants, researchers provided ornithologists from four U.S. states with questionnaires on daily bird-plant encounters. The 1,143 unique interactions reported by the birders laid the groundwork for a study on the role of native birds in the seed dispersal of invasive plants throughout the U.S.

It's already been shown that hyenas ate humans, but did early humans likewise dine on hyenas? They might have, say Spanish researchers who found evidence of human "processing" of hyena bones in an ancient hyena den.



Linked away from the hyena article to one on a more vegetable eating type. Interesting, but the skull reminds me of...Doh!

For a second, I thought that said "invasive Planet Species" and I was like, oh fuck the aliens are here.


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