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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

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Karl Giberson, a professor at Eastern Nazarene College and Vice-President of the organization BioLogos, has written some of the lamest critiques of New Atheism I’ve ever read. Perhaps the most embarrassing was an op-ed in USA Today called “Atheists, it’s time to play well with others,” in which he famously characterized criticizing religion as a “profoundly un-American” activity.

Now, after an email exchange with Dan Dennett, Giberson has written an apologia of sorts on HuffPo: “The temptation of faith fibbing for Jesus.“ Dennett accused Giberson of being a “faith” fibber, that is, someone who “[pollutes] the media with their misrepresentation of New Atheism.”

A six-story-tall statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised along a highway was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm Monday night and burned to the ground, police said.

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The Department of Agriculture in the USA has approved a new, genetically modified (GM) soybean containing higher levels of oleic acid. This is the first of a series of GM plants that are poised to enter the market with a modified composition of nutrients.



re: faith fibbing:

well done, dan dennet, and well done giberson! i found this story to be extremely heartwarming.

i'm still fuzzy on "netiquette". is there a thing about commenting too much that bothers people? i apologize if this is the case, but no one else seems to be commenting much lately. fwiw, i'm still home recovering from a serious illness and i'm very grateful to norm and his fellow bloggers for providing me with some jollies.

Comment away, particularly if it aids your recovery.

thanks dude. :)


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