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American needs saving, and Don Mills wants to help:

"Genomics is a way to do science, not medicine," said Harold Varmus, president of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, who in July will become the director of the National Cancer Institute.



re: the u.s. "caving" on the flotilla "massacre"- there's no story there, just a headline, and a ridiculous one at that. i put quotes around the terms i found objectionable.

the video and testimonial evidence is absolutely overwhelming, not to mention the fact of 7 wounded naval commandos, armed only with paintball guns and their personal weapons. this was no "massacre", rather a planned suicide terror operation perpetrated by somewhere between 40 and 70 turkish ihh "activists" picked up by the flotilla in istanbul and unknown to the legitimate human rights activists on the other 5 boats.

and the u.s. is well aware of the facts of the case- therefore no "caving".

re: genomics-

"waa waa waa, we never said it was going to be USEFUL." :)

i'm just kidding, i'm all for science for sciences sake. but scientists dangle usefulness and profitability in front of the money boys all the time to get funding for their projects. it is their right to do this, of course, i'd do the same thing if i were engaged in pure research that required huge investment. but they shouldn't complain if they get smacked around a bit when things don't seem to be going as promised.

you can't get funding by promising to "do science, not medicine".

oh, and just to prove i can still make ANYTHING about the jews: a small part of the "human genome project" was devoted to the jewish genome. some of the results were recently released to the media, including an la times article i linked to here recently.

anyway, i have no doubt (though no proof) that this part of the project received funding from jewish organizations, not with an eye to profit but to ideological muscle- that is, to "prove scientifically" something that intelligent people have always known: that the jews are a distinct people separate from the issue of religion and, in fact, genetically.

so: if you're a scientist you actually have two options for getting the money boys to cough up: either promise practical and monetary gains, or the ability to back up some rich guys pet ideological project with science.

either way, it's not a nice feeling to be a puppet, even in the name of truth, and i do feel for the guy who wrote the article here.

Flotilla from the other side.

what other side? there is no other side.

there are, of course, 2 sides to the conflict, and even to most individual "expressions" of the conflict. but this particular case is so clear, no rational person could call this a "massacre". as you see, no one is arguing the point. norms readers are nothing if not rational. i wonder if he didn't post that headline just to piss me off. :)


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