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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

Coffee Cup

U.S. and England Tie, 1-1, in World Cup Opener

More than 80% of plant species make friends with a common fungus. In return for sugar, the fungus helps the plants extract nutrients from the soil. But rice plants, a primary food source for billions of people, don’t have this special relationship—and thus they don’t receive the extra boost the fungi give other plants. A new study suggests that with a little help from researchers, however, the fungus will bond with rice, increasing the plant's growth rate by up to five times.

“It’s encouraging that the genetic manipulation of these cosmopolitan organisms could have an impact on crop production,” says James Correll, a plant pathologist at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. . .



Norm, don't ever do THAT again! Living in Japan (and not having a TV), i was asleep during the England-USA game and i was waiting for my favourite torrent site to post the game, so i could follow it on my mac as if it were live. So, i took great precautions to avoid any news site and visit the "safe" ones only, not to spoil my own little party. i was finishing as usual my morning web surfing with your site when… nooooo! you had posted the result! i've consequently lost the will to live!!! PS: Oh well, i don't know anything about squirrels either.

What? It isn't as if either team won or anything! :)

It shall never happen again.

Tim & Norm, Well, to look on the bright side of life, i surely did not miss anything :-) : most games up to now have been horribly dull! PS: Norm, don't hesitate to post the results every time the game was a bore, and you'll save us in the Far East precious minutes!!

"a game is a bore" is the very definition of soccer. I've tried to watch it and I think 10, maybe 15, minutes is the max I could take.

Of a 90 minute game, apparently half is spent kicking the ball backward and another major part is pretending to be injured.

Breaking the rules seems to be the surest way to win because the ref doesn't notice most of them.


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