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Links With Your Coffee - Friday

Coffee Cup

Some of the most rewarding interactions we have with our pets involve food. Most dogs respond with gratifying enthusiasm to being fed, and this activity is an important part of the human-animal bond. Providing food is also part of the parent/child dynamic that in many ways characterizes our relationships with our pets. Giving food is an expression of affection and a symbol of our duty of care to our pets.



•Raw Meat and Bone Diets for Dogs: It’s Enough to Make You BARF

I have to say that unless I was in financial trouble I wouldn't feed my dog the cheapest of dog foods and as you get higher protien and less filler, it does seem to show in the dog's health, buuuut this is insane.

Are these people keping a pig carcass in a walk in fridge and carving some off every day?

The risks of poisoning yourself or the dog seems good.
The odds that you are taking human food off the market seems like 100%

The odds that your dog will be healthier? Not much, even if it is a better diet, it would only be a marginal increase.

most dogs only live 15 years or less, a few additives in their foods don't have the same impact as the do in humans that live 80 years.

Why one would have a pet is beyond me. For example, a dog is a perfect machine for eating shit and then transforming it into other shit.

Ancient Egyptians at least had a good reason for keeping cats as they got rid of a lot of vermin and snakes.

But in modern society we now have delicate food and even grooming for animals that are hardly on the verge of extinction.


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