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Links With Your Tea - Monday

But his remarks were followed by an announcement by another high-profile sheik, Abi Ishaq Al Huwaini, who said that men should suckle the breast milk directly from a woman's breast. Just don't look at their face, that would be immoral



If anything could add to the weirdness, it is that link.

40 lashes and jail for a 75-year-old woman for allowing a couple of delivery men in her house? How can people not realize how viciously stupid that is; it is mind boggling that such bizarre ideas can grip an entire society.

Regarding the Oil Problem. BP is getting a lot of (largely deserved) blame for the blow-out. Have you seen the reports of the Bhopal trial in India? In particular this statement: "American Warren Anderson, the head of Union Carbide at the time, was also charged. He went to New York after the disaster and, despite an arrest warrant, has never appeared in court."

Compare the effects of the two 'accidents'.

Corporations aren't big on accountability. I doubt anyone will go to Jail from BP.

They deserve life in prison, but they will likely just lose a few billion in profits. Which won't even put them out of business.

It is the issue of limited accountability (and liability) that makes the simultaneous legal "personhood" of corporations so absurd. The free speech 'rights of corporations' can not be infringed when it comes time for them to buy an election, but who is liable when they kill thousands of people in Bhopal? How many corporate officers went to jail?


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