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HitchBitch 22



the video isn't showing up for me- just a blank space there. help! do i need to download some new reader or something?

It's just audio.

Yeah, It just rolls a picture over the audio. It's off youtube, so it should be the same as most others.

Updating things never hurts.

Updating things never hurts.

Oh yeah? MS office updates usually break Endnote and Endnote updates sometimes een break Endnote libraries. OS updates always make me anxious about what apps I've broken...

I always update things a week or so after I get a notice telling me to update. That way someone else can deal with that headache.

Christopher Hitchens wrote the nice book on that superstitious crook and fraud, Mother Theresa, "Missionary Position". He also has videos on youtube about her, "Hell's Angel".

I wonder if those hells angel videos have ever been posted here. I will have to post them if they haven't

did i hear right? did he say the enemies of the jews are the enemies of mankind? i like it. :)

Dangerous implications if one believes Isreal is sometimes its own worst enemy,

so you believe the enemies of israel and those of the jews are one and the same? i had conceded the opposite point here years ago, so that it would be possible to have a discussion at all (one of norm's pet peeves was the constant conflation of antisemitism with antizionism) and now you're essentially removing the mask and saying "aha!"?

hitchens himself could be considered a kind of anti-zionist, since he's against what he considers expansionist/chauvinistic tendancies therein. he was talking about the jewish people as a whole here, clearly.

do you disagree with norms stated position- one i am perfectly happy to accept for the sake of discussion- that antizionism does not necessarily imply antisemitism?

or were you just being clever and making a wry and telling (off-) point at the expense of rationality and mutually agreed upon definitions? this you did with aplomb, and i admit i often do the same thing myself. not usually on this topic, though, since misunderstandings in this area actually get people killed. something i try, with my modest rhetorical skills, to prevent.


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