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Gypsy's music heralding summer

1st off, I'll echo Norm's salutation to fathers everywhere. I apologize to mothers that I may have missed.

2nd, posting will be getting sporadic as I head off to the hinterlands, teaching happy musicians in the middle of nowhere with spotty internet. Posts will probably be made in the dark of night, when few are on line.

Getting started then:

Sofia Gubaidulina The Canticle of the Sun: this sort of links lightly to the Sunday links. St. Francis's texts take a back seat to the cello and percussion in this piece. Mstislav Rostropovich, for whom the work was composed, is the big soloist on this recording.

Aaarg - I'm having a hard time finding places to listen for free. Below is a link to potentially free downloads, but it's like the old record club deals. Still...

Alan Hovhaness The Spirit of Ink for 3 flutes: more links to this Sundays posts, with celestial and avian leanings. I had a group perform the 11th movement (all movements are short), Birds in a Magic Forest, in surround sound for the audience - big hit. If possible, the whole composition should be done that way. In this recording, flutist Sam Baron does all 3 parts - kinda hard to surround the audience by oneself. This is a cool work, if different from your daily fare. You'll have to trust me, I guess. One small advantage of me being out of town is that I'll have to track down ideas on the web rather than my CD collection.

For you Shakespeare lovers, Mendelssohn's incidental music to A Midsummer Night's Dream. You might've heard the last movement once already this June.

Youtube links for the full performance:


  2. includes song with scherzo




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