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Glenn Beck Airs Israeli Raid Footage

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Glenn Beck Airs Israeli Raid Footage
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oh lying, you work so well.

The flotilla could have been better prepared. For example, I hope in the future they stock fishing netting along the sides to throw over commandos trying to climb aboard.

They could also have a wire grill built over the boat to inhibit landing by drops from helicopters. Or maybe long poles with hooks to make the landing cords swing irregularly.

For smaller boats, they could install a series of sharp spikes a meter or more long along the side to prevent zodiacs from approaching too closely.

Other people may well have other passive defense suggestions.

Take off the hand rails, cover the deck in vassaline and load all the cargo on one side of the ship.

Watch and laugh as the commandos fall into the ocean.

Submarine flotilla

Offer the commandos the humanitarian aid and see if they get the gist.


I agree with Helen thomas. They basically took the land from the Palestines and gave it to Jews because the bible said so? I recently read Gandhi's letter on Israel in which he says 'But my sympathy does not blind me to the requirements of justice. The cry for the national home for the Jews does not make much appeal to me. The sanction for it is sought in the Bible and the tenacity with which the Jews have hankered after return to Palestine. Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?' ...

The whole letter is here.

Send em back to Germany?!?! Yikes! You agree with that? That's taking anti-semitism to a whole new level.

"Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?"

Maybe because they were put in ovens when they lived in those countries.


So the solution to that was to give someones land to them? Agreeing with it is not being anti-semitic. How would you feel if they kicked you out of your country and gave it to someone else because the a holy book designated the USA beloned to the tribes of zulu or something? If I disagreed would you call me being anti-zuluist. People have been persecuted for their religion for ever. The Holocaust was a crime of unimaginable proportions. But that was a long time ago. WW2 ended when this decision was taken. People were not still being put in ovens when Israel was created. Israel is the only country created because of religion, an imaginary myth. Thats why there is so many problems. And stop throwing the anti-semitism line every single time some one criticises Israel. Its getting old.

Sorry Amy, I forgot about that historical country called Palestine. Who was the last president/king of Palestine? My memory fails.


Well you have to go a library and read up on Palestinian history. or google it and while you are atit read abt the history of other ancient countries. I do not have enough space here to give you the entire long history of an ancient city. Unlike the US if you look at the history of ancient civilizations and countries like Palestine, Egypt,Greece, Rome, India, they start out as a place with certain inhabitants and over the ages we have conquests and new immigrants who come in and take over and change the cultures etc. But in all these countries in the modern world, never has any people been kicked and replaced by who they say originally belonged their according to a holy book except in Israel. Its unfair whichever way u look at it. Nothing can be done about this now. Naturally the Israeli's cannot go anywhere, but atleast one would expect Gods chosen people to be more compassionate to fellow human beings and not starve them like in Gaza.

I think you are the one who needs to do some research. Palestine was never a country.


Fine Palestine was never a country because those kind of definitions did not exist then. There were not defined boundaries that delineate countries. There was just land occupied and conquered by people. I just used to that term to describe Palestine. So yes please go back and read your history. But its no use debating this point when you are firm in your belief that it was right that the WW2 winners were right to displace an entire people from their homes and lands and give it some one else. As long as its not your home and your land its ok I guess.

i just got home from 8 days in the hospital to find that syngas has taken over my job. and isn't doing too badly, either. does this mean i have to start defending christians when he's not around? :)

i just want to make this point: notice how quickly every discussion about some current "horrible" thing the israelis have done turns into a discussion about israel's very right to exist. compare to other countries. i think that thinking people will understand theres something mighty strange and powerfully unfair going on.

Because other countries were not created like Israel was. Name one country created on the basis of religion? Given the option I am saying Israel was a mistake. It should not have been done. But right now, after all this time, what is done is done and Israel is a country in its own right and has every right to exist. Saying Israel has to be disbanded and the Jews send back is stupid. I dont want that. But what about the occupied territories, the Jewish settlers, Gaza? Do you agree with all that? What Israel is doing is HORRIBLE not 'horrible' like you put it. And the world is waking up to Israeli atrocities. The tide is slowly turning.

1st, israel was not established on the basis of religion but as a national home for the jewish people by u.n. mandate. 2nd, plenty of countries WERE established on the basis of religion. 3rd, i commend your sense of injustice- i would suggest expanding it a bit beyond the HORRIBLE jews if you don't like being accused of antisemitism.

I recommend you read the book " The Great war for Civilization " by Robert Fisk, a middle East Correspondent for the UK paper the Independent. The book is carefully researched with several references that you can go back and confirm the facts. That is if you are really interested in knowing the facts.Thats all I have to add to this debate. Thanks.

1st, israel was not established on the basis of religion but as a national home for the jewish people

What defines the jewish people, other than religion?

Did they do some genetic testing to assure you are a genuine descendent of abraham before they let individuals move to isreal?

I think not.

red7, after having been involved in probably the 2 longest forum threads in this blogs history and countless other discussions here pertaining to this matter you truly strain my patience. but out of respect for some gleams of intelligence i've seen in you in the past i'll be gentle:

the vast majority of the jews in the world are not religious. judaism is a religion, jewishness is not.

really, you surprise me sometimes.

here you moron.,0,7364243.story

now you went and pissed me off. you're not some "ignorant amy". what are you trying to pull?

really, did you catch that? amy took us from "the israeli army did something stupid the other day" to "israel has no right to exist" in one easy move. now you come and in one more easy move take us to "the jews aren't really a nation, but only a religion".

back to the stone age of antisemitism in 2 easy, thoughtless moves, by two people who i assume aren't even antisemites.


I think that amy said, that modern day isreal does have a right to exist. I think she said, that it did not have a manifest destiny like right to be created.

It really isn't a leap to relate the founding of isreal, to the ongoing religious inspired conflicts it finds itself in. Whether that be because of how it was formed or simply how its neighbors viewed its founding.

Religion1 + religion2 = people in conflict

If your arguement is that isreal was based on race or relation, rather than religion, then I guess we should be comparing your state of conflict to Liberian history.

compare away to your hearts content. you've worn me out already. i won't be back in form for a week or two, and i'm supposed to avoid stress.

I am going to need a Doctor's note if you want me to agree with you for medical reasons.

To quote your article

They are not different enough to be considered a separate race

the full quote, oh tedious one:

They are not different enough to be considered a separate race, as some experts have argued, he added, but definitely are a "distinct population" — the result, presumably, of cultural separation down through thousands of years

"distinct, in this context, obviously means "genetically distinct". no one knows what "race" means anymore, anyway, and in any case no one mentioned it.

when did you become so obtuse?

I have always been very direct about it.

Name one country created on the basis of religion?

The 13 colonies - even though a big thrust was not A religion, but "religious freedom" in a certain religion - and savages could be saved in the bargain.

Not that I have too much compassion for what Israel did with the boat with aid, but be careful for what you ask.

But what about the occupied territories, the Jewish settlers, Gaza? Do you agree with all that?

Amy, Becker is a Jewish Settler.

Not that invalidates any of your points.

if you're looking for countries established purely on the basis of religion, you could start with the entire muslim world. all 22 states, every one of them. it is you who need some studyin' up, as syngas said.

Your blaming the Anglican church, for all this?

sorry, don't get it.

England largely drew the lines to make the modern countries after the world wars.

So although they may have religious governments, they were not founded to be the home of a specific religiuos peoples.

it's true england "drew the lines". but those chunks of land were given to very specific leaders, families and tribes- all muslim- who suited the purposes of the english and who proceeded to build the legal systems of their new "countries" based on islam.

you're good, but you ain't that good.

countries established purely on the basis of religion

chunks of land were given to very specific leaders, families and tribes- all muslim- who suited the purposes of the english

Note the Political, geographic, and economic elements in that senario.

you better watch that selective quoting, red. someone might be paying attention. i know it's unlikely but still...

It's really hard to quote without being selective. If I quote everything ever said its really hard to figure out where to put the second set of quotation marks. I suppose I could select things that didn't support my point, but that would have its own problems

So, if someone notices, I will just accuse them of an ad hominim, or a strawman.

Ussually works.

what about the occupied territories, the Jewish settlers, Gaza? Do you agree with all that?


Sorry for your hospital stay JB. You didn't injure yourself repelling from a helicopter in the middle of the night by chance? ;)

no, i didn't "injure myself". some fucking turkish "peace activist" shot me with a .38, which he then threw overboard. since the navy doesn't use 38's we're pretty sure it wasn't one of the ones they grabbed from us.

So you play guitar and jump out of helicopters?

i hope it's clear i'm joking above to make a point (as usual). i'm 46 years old, for fsm's sake.

It does create an interesting image of what the isreali army might look like.

46, cigarette hanging from mouth. Guitar over sholder. hanging our choper door...


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