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Fighting within the Trinity

So, I have always thought the trinity was a silly concept, but I can't wait to hear this one explained by a member of the clergy.

The Father has apparently shot the Son with a bolt of lightning. Link

God is like a clover; little, green, and divided into three parts, and potentially hates himself?



hey, don't you know it's all about the jews! jesus was a jew and whatever else one might say about him, he wouldn't have approved of the brazen idol worship rampant in various forms of christianity today. maybe he and his "dad" got together to destroy the thing.

on the other hand, i think it's zeus in charge of the lightning bolts.

leviticus 42: "...and your gods of styrofoam, and your gods of rebar..."

AFAIK, not all christians believe in the trinity, just catholics and probably a few more. So, this is just the true Father (the catholic one, of course) destroying the fake Son.

It's pretty simple, if you think about it.


Actually, you have it backwards: almost all Christians believe in the trinity and just a small minority does not.

Jesus is Dark matter?

No silly, the Dark Side sent that lightning bolt to kill baby Jesus for doubting it's existence.

Jesus is such a doubting Thomas.

With these results, scientists concluded that the cosmos is made up of 4% 'normal' matter, 22% 'dark' or invisible matter and 74% 'dark energy'. Debate about the exact nature of the 'dark side' of the Universe -- the dark matter and dark energy -- continues to this day.

This is the kind of thing you see when really cool new science is on the horizon. It sounds nuts, it probably is nuts. Theory is predicting things that are hard to accept. I'm starting to get the feeling that astrophysics is going to get some great new ideas and big breakthroughs like nothing seen in physics since the great 1905-1926 period.

When do we get warp drive?

It won't really be a "drive". All we have to do is work out a way to control and channel quantum mechanical "many-worlds" probability densities and choose a future in which our spaceships are in star systems to which we want to travel - you really should know about such things by now.

Sorry you must have choosen to come to a future in which I am randomly unaware of this theory of space travel.

In order for this to work, doesn't there need to be at least one timeline in which they invent a drive system that can travel that distance without help from alternat realities.

Or else there would be no realities in which that is the case, no?

Read the book - you see, the very fact that you have used the "skip drive" described therein reduces all theother deviations from the world from which you "departed" to infinitesimals - presumably because the divergences are all "used up" by use of the drive itself, silly boy. (err.. I think that's something along the lines of how it works.)

Don't you mean Bloat Drive? See 'Bill the Galactic Hero'


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