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European Starling

The European Starling is one of the most hated birds in America, but as Pedantsareus has pointed out not everyone dislikes this bird, here is some amazing video of one or two of them in flight.




Have I seen this on BBC's Planet Earth?

oops, I meant these as in these birds.

One morning earlier this week, I was outside my truck getting ready to go to work, when I heard a killdeer. That quite surprised me, as I live right in town, my lot is a small city lot, mostly taken up by vegetable garden and native plantings. I am not near water, and I use drip irrigation, so there are no puddles or splashes of water. In other words, this is NOT killdeer territory! I looked around though, as I kept hearing the familiar keening. When I looked up toward the utility wires that parallel the alley, I saw the killdeer calls coming right from a starling's mouth. Hilarious! And then he launched into a quail hoot. That bird is good! Wonder if he does Nixon? Or Jerry Lewis.


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