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Druids are Dumb

The Austrians have actually spent money on this, and amazingly they are going to spend more. I'm flabbergasted.

Austrian authorities say druids have been so successful in dealing with motorway accident blackspots in one area that they plan to extend the project nationwide.

...‘These energy lines and their flow cannot be grasped or measured therefore their existence is rejected by scientists.’

But Mr Tessmann claims the proof is in the results. ‘If you ask me to give you a scientific explanation, I can’t, I just know it works, and even critics can’t argue with our success rate,’ he said.

I know he said we can't argue with his success rate, but I'll give it a try anyway, Regression toward the mean



Is gross stupidity a sackable offense or would that be a violation of freedom of religion?

I wonder if telephone poles work or street signs act as acupuncture needles and block that flow of energy?

Wow, are they saying an increase in cell phone towers increases highway fatalities? Oh no, that seems too straight forward.

Do you think maybe its the phones and not the tower?


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