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Deal with the Devil

I read this Rolling Stone article on the plane yesterday:The Spill, The Scandal and the President Half way through I was convinced that the Obama Administration had climbed in bed with Big Oil, by the end I was just certain that they have tried to cut a deal with the oil industry to get them to agree to some sort of carbon tax. Either way, Obama needs to kick his own ass as much as he needs to kick BP's ass. His administration let BP play chicken with the destruction of one of our greatest environmental resources. We all lost. I can only hope that the experts tell him that its not a gamble worth taking again. Choke the oil companies slowly and eventually they won't be able dictate US policy.



Damn. I was going to go on a big rant about how they'd ripped of the Gregory Brothers (AutoTune the News) and... er... then they showed up in the song.

P.S. - AutoTune the News 5 is one of the great comedy products of our generation.


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