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David Cross on Mormonism



Great stuff. You should also check out the South Park episode that's about the origin of the religion:

But seriously, as an ex-Mormon and someone who's studied and attended catholic, methodist, nazarene, and jewish churches, I have to pose the question: Is the mormon beliefs and origin any crazier that mainstream religions? They're all pretty crazy when you break them down. Jesus was born from a virgin? Jesus came back to life? God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are separate but the same? The Bible is full of contradictions and yet people still follow it without doubt...

Is the mormon beliefs and origin any crazier that mainstream religions?

Yes, because you can't look up Jesus' criminal record and see that he was previously jailed for fraud for financial gain.

That's a point Julia Sweeney makes in Letting Go of God

Easy material. He doesn't even have to write jokes. All he has to do is tell the actual history of Mormonism and he gets plenty of yuks.

It is really easy material, but a whole lot of people don't think its funny. Makes you think that religion is actually caused by an ailment that effects the "sense of humor".

The further back in time the loonies go, the crazier they're allowed to be and still be considered "believable". The scientologists are crazier than the Mormons only by virtue of century of 'aging' of the latter's looniness. If scientology can hold out for just another century or so, it may survive.

John, the author of Revelations, was obviously a raving lunatic, but that doesn't stop many of my fellow Texans from adorning their bumpers with stickers warning me that they might be snatched as one of the lucky 144,000 at any time. Frankly, if all these assholes did disappear, it would indeed be a merciful gift from god – and it would be a lot more than 144,000!

You might call them 'a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues'

Can the magic glasses can see through the magic underwear?

Thanks for the first laugh of my day.

In the case of most Mormons I know (and that's a lot here in Idaho), I certainly hope not!


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