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Bullock's Oriole

I had my BirdCam set to monitor the hummingbird feeder and when I download the pictures last night I was surprised to see the Oriole. I understand that they are sugar junkies, and love the sweets. Walter the BirdNerd says when he was a kid, he used to cut oranges in half, and nail the half (fruit side up) to a post to attract Baltimore and Orchard Orioles.

Birders are generous with their time and expertise. Another birder, David, has also been kind enough to help me with identifications. In regard to the Bullock he writes:

This is a Bullock's oriole, relative of our meadowlarks and blackbirds (not to be confused with the European blackbird which is related to our Robin, not to be confused with the European robin for which it was named but which is related to the old world chats, which are not related to our own chats, and so on). The Bullock's oriole (a genus named after the unrelated Old World orioles--sigh) belongs to the family Icteridae, and used to be lumped with the Baltimore oriole of the East, due to some unfortunate sexual indiscretions, as the Northern oriole (see older field guides) before more sensible people realized the libertine fornications of a few individuals should not demote an entire species. I hope that is clear now.

Good to know about the sexual proclivities of the Bullock's oriole. I had a brief fling with birding back around 1990 and have a couple of field guides from that time. They made a serious point about how it was now the Northern oriole. I'm with David. I too am happy sensible folk stood up for the species.



Jsut a comment on "two nations divided by a common language .." - I wondered if you have the term 'Twitcher' in the US? According to my understanding it would not apply to you (The term "twitcher", sometimes misapplied as a synonym for birder, is reserved for those who travel long distances to see a rare bird that would then be "ticked", or checked off, on a list.)

If not you might get a feel for it here

Used in a sentence: Bloody 'ell, my jolly roger just got ticked by a saft twitcher when I stepped out for a salmon and trout and had to wazz. Do me a favor and push the tit on the lift before the bobbys snaffle my arse.

Brilliant, Reed. Except for the 's' for 'd' typo - some of these rednecks might get confused and think saft means something in jolly old Engerland (outside of german juice).

Sorry, that term is west midlands only

saft Adj. Stupid, soft. [West Midlands use]

I was just winging it on Jolly Roger. I figured it sounded too funny to replace.

interesting, thanks. something like "trainspotting" i suppose. what is it with these brits? :)

are you trying to give our norm ideas?

This is cool. I had no idea there were so many types of Orioles.

Not too mention The Penguins, The Moonglows and The Five Satins - the deep forbidden music they'd been longing for .....


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