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Black-headed Grosbeak

I'm checking out a photo hosting site that Andy recommended. What do you think of the quality ?



Smugmug looks good. I like the quiet, low-key look when you click through. Quiet and simple, no ads: I had to look at the url to know where I was.

Thanks for the bird pictures.

Which plan did you choose Norm? Cause regarding quality, the middle plan ($60, the one I'm in) will let you tweak the sharpening of the images that get generated.

Smugmug is great cause it's easy to use, pleasing to the eyes, but it also is hugely tweakable, and they're always adding new features. Support is very personal and quick.

Yes, I got the middle plan ($55 thanks to you. ) I've only begun to explore, but I've seen enough to be quite impressed by it.

BTW, what a difference do a big sensor camera and a long focal-length make, huh?

I knew it would be better when I got the new camera, but I'm frankly blown away by how much better it really is.


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