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Black-chinned Hummingbird



your best shot yet, truly. action, we want action! maybe you can get the little fuckers to fight. :)

I've seen some dandy fights over the suet feeder, those Europeans Starlings have no manners at the dinner table. What, you're and action junky?

not an action junkie, no. i live a peaceful life here in the eye of the hurricane. i don't particularly care for action movies, fight scenes and car chases bore me to death. and i've seen plenty of starlings fighting, both with each other and other birds, growing up in rural west virginia.- you're right about their "table manners", which i would extend to a general indictment of character.

however, when it comes to photography, i've always been fascinated by the photo's ability to STOP action which would otherwise be to fast to see- like your hummingbirds' wings here, for instance. btw, i don't see any "black chin" on this thing, wonder where the name comes from.

i don't see any "black chin" on this thing, wonder where the name comes from.

Ah well you see in the bird world the males get the fancy duds and the females get slighted.

Check it out him and her:

Black-chinned Hummingbird

Relatives of the ruby throated HB's from back east.


You dont need to post this.

This site has been in my favorites for years, it used to be the first/second thing that I looked at in the morning, the past 18 months I look at this site whenever there is nothing else of interest. Today is the first look in in a month and what do I see... fucking pictures of birds.

This used to be an interesting place to go while having my tea, it has become a snorefest.

For goodness sakes man, save your once terrific site before it dies.

Hope you take my critism constructively and not offensively... trust me, I am holding back here as to what I really think.

Hoping you snap out of it soon,


re: Hummingbirds

beautiful pic! We've got a feeder outside the front door (yes, Organic sugar, gotta protect those poor things from all the pesticide residue in the conventional GE sugar). Mostly Anna's Hummingbirds and a few Rufus Hummers live in the cottonwood trees nearby. The Rufus are by far the most inclined to argue and fight. Sometimes they will so get into it, the birds will fight all the way down to the ground before one gives up and flys off. The resident birds are willing to share most of the time, I've seen 2 or 3 hummers crowded about each of the 6 ports on the feeder, taking turns. Last year an old granny hummingbird decided the perch on the feeder was a perfect place for her afternoon siesta. Day after day, she showed up in the early afternoon, then dozed for hours next to one of the ports on the feeder, everyone else left her alone and crowded about the remaining spaces. They are such wonderful creatures these Hummingbirds.

What do you really think? You are not the first person I've seen here post about how they don't like the 'changes' to the site... like when Norm added other authors, to when he changed the format of the page, to when he added forums, to when he started posting pictures of birds, or obsessing about topics he is interested GMO food.... jesus man... in case you haven't noticed, this site is a personal hobby, not a career move.

I for one like the bird pictures... and as someone who has also followed this site for years, I know this too will pass.

of course I was replying to Craig Sipple....

...i would love an edit button to my posts. :(

I wonder if there isn't a way to create tabs with seperate RSS feeds that allow for the complainers to self edit their content and eliminate any excuses to complain. Sorta like how boing boing used to have several seperate pages all flowing into one big front page, but allowing the gadget folks or the video gamers to go to their own tabs.

like when Norm added other authors

I think everybody has liked me so far.

I kinda hate myself, does that count?


I think you may find another trend: Our President. This site was a pure JOY to come to when it was the best source for intelligent anti-bush stuffs. But lets face it, Obama is in now, he is supposed to be 'our' guy but isn't quite doing what we want, and we are kinda stuck. We can't slam Bush anymore and bashing Obama is just not funny. So, we move to the next things in life.

In all honesty, I think you should go out and find your own information instead of waiting for Norm to do you bidding. I realize you paid so much for the service, but your rant, while trying to be respectful, comes off as "I HAD GREAT FREE SHIT FOR YEARS AND NOW MY FREE SHIT ISN'T AS GREAT SO YOU SUCK."

I mean really dude, and then to write the happy ending about not saying what you REALLY think. I work with a guy like you. I want to punch him in the face. Constantly.


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