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Black-billed Magpie

This Black-billed Magpie has been showing up for the last couple of days. He was nowhere near the feeder, and so I was fortunate that my son saw him, grabbed a camera, and got this shot. Moments later the magpie was chased off by a very intense American Robin. The BirdNerd named Walter who has been helping me identify some of the birds I've posted tells me it is likely that the Robin has a nest nearby, since the smaller Robin would normally never attack a bird of this size.





Walter is a total BirdNerd. It makes for good office conversation.

me: The newspaper says there is an eagle at the reservoir! W: That's nothing, you wanna see eagles then go to the dump. me: The dump? W: Yeah, a half dozen live there... America's bird feasting on trash.

Damn Norm you must live in the middle of a forest or something with all this wildlife around your place. Me, in little LA zone, pretty much only get to see crows. Well maybe also some gray, nondescript air rats. Sometimes I see seagulls even though I'm about 20 minutes from the beach.

I'm really lucky to have a backyard full of Scrub Oak (Gambel Oak) it attracts the birds of course but also a squirrel or two.


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