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American Robin

I was trying to get a picture of a hummingbird when this American Robin dropped by for a closeup.


Picture taken with my BirdCam



Interesting! I caught a part of "Mary Poppins" on TV yesterday and, before I was forced to switch off by Dick Vandyke's appalling cockney accent, noticed that the American Robin had colonised London, England in the early 20th Century. Look here (at about 47 seconds)

I have a lot of robins who make nests in my rather large garden. They are not at all shy. The doves, quail, blue birds and other little birdies will fly off quickly when I come around, but the robins just look at me for awhile and then continue foraging for bugs.

Norm, this bird cam is a wonderful addition to the blog.

Well, the quail don't exactly fly away.. They just walk very quickly into the bushes

We have a lot of quails in our neighborhood too. When I see them scurrying across the street I want to remind them that they have wings and can fly.

Why does the angle keep changeing on the camera? do you need to readjust regularly or is it swinging in the wind a bit?

I keep moving it and the feeders around trying to find the best angles etc. I've been trying to get some hummingbird pictures but found if I put that feeder to close to the others then the hummingbirds didn't come as often. I'll find the optimal positions eventually, but you'll probably notice some variation. Why did you ask, is it making you dizzy?

I just focus on those kind of details sometimes. Particularly trying to figure out a gadget. I was wondering if the camera tracked or maybe is a fisheye that you crop your images from...

I love a technical mystery.

The camera has three or four fixed focus settings as I recall 18-23 inches 24-37, 38inches to 8ft and 8ft - It has a motion detector and you have settings so that it doesn't take too many pictures. Delays of 2 minutes or 5 minutes or more and then settings for number of photos per event. There are sensitivity settings for the camera that allow you to tweak what it gets and doesn't. I think the camera I have is a 5 megapixel one, there is also one that is 8 megapixel but that costs more. I have the photo quality set at medium which seems to do an excellent job. If you have more specific questions you know my email.

I've cropped everything I've put up and even reduced the quality to get the sizes down to something the blog can handle without it taking all day to load. What do you think, is the quality good enough?


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